Affordable Healthcare Coverage:

Allows consumers and employers to identify economical Government and private health insurance plans. Provides on-line questionnaires as well as contact information for local help in obtaining insurance.

Diseases and Conditions:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Learn about illnesses including causes, symptoms, treatments and prevention. Contains graphics, educational materials and links to patient support resources. From the US Centers for disease Control.

Drug Information and Identification:


Search for drugs using name or pill description. Contains drug and label image, patient and prescribing information, clinical study results, and other data. From the US National Library of Medicine.



Read health-related articles about diseases, wellness and emerging treatments. Includes historical photos, quizzes and tips as well as a free print subscription link. From the US National Institutes of Health.

Prescription Assistance:

Directory of Government, nonprofit and commercial websites offering free or low-cost prescription drug benefits. Includes program descriptions and dates the sites were added. From the US National Health Information Center.

Unused Drug Disposal:

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Describes ways for consumers to get rid of unwanted medications. Includes take-back programs, flushing and mixing. From the US Food and Drug Administration.